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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Attention 8th Grade Parents and Guardians - Please Update Records

Dear 8th Grade Parents and Guardians: 

It’s time to prepare for high school registration!  All students transitioning between schools (middle school to high school) are required to provide updated proof of residence.

When your child enters a different school for any reason, you must complete registration documents for the new school, in order to avoid delays at the start of the school year and to assist in developing student schedules, you must complete the registration documents at their assigned/neighborhood current school. The previously accepted proof of age, guardianship, and immunization can be used, but updated proof of residence is required. The required documents for this process are below

 • Complete a Student Registration Form - PA14 at the school. Forms cannot be mailed to you since the signature must be verified in person at the school. 

 • Proof of residence may be established by a combination of the following documents: 
settlement papers, lease/rental agreement, deed of property, mortgage statement, letter from apartment complexes on official letterhead, or a current property tax bill. These documents must be originals, signed and dated by all parties when appropriate. Additional items, including 2 recent pieces of mail, may be required if there are concerns regarding the documentation, the original term of the lease has expired, or the ownership information is older than one year. Additional documents must be originals and delivered by US Postal mail (within 30 days) and may include the following: non-cell phone bill, utility bill, credit card statement, bank statement, mail from government agencies (excluding PGCPS) for official correspondence, hospital bill, W2 forms or auto, home, or health insurance policy. Copies of on-line documents are not acceptable as proof of residence with the exception of an electronic commercial lease accompanied by an original letter from the property manager. Private party leases must be notarized by the landlord or a notarized letter from the landlord must be provided with the original lease. 

• Proof of residence for families using Shared Housing Affidavits must include a new notarized affidavit plus two additional proofs as indicated above. The relative or friend, with whom the parent(s)/guardian(s) resides, must also provide their proof of residence. 

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